ceed_leafWhat is CEED?

The Center for Educational and Economic Development (CEED) is a non-profit organization  that plants a coalition of purpose-driven change agents committed to creating solutions that address issues of educational inequity and economic and community development. CEED initiates community-based programs in partnership with other businesses and organizations to reach under-resourced families with the education need to end the cycle of poverty and create sustainable communities. CEED established programs that build bridges and make connections between traditional school programs and economic development initiatives.

ceed_leafWhat is our Mission?

The mission of CEED is to deploy a coalition of community resources from varied backgrounds and with a range of expertise to organize and become their community’s greatest resource for growth. CEED positions people empowered with the resources, philosophy, and strategy  to create educational programs for youth and their families that will help the form sustainable economies.



ceed_leafHow do we do what we do ?

CEED connects the best minds and most passionate people to become solution centers in the community, to offer struggling schools with the options required to meet the diverse and in-depth needs of its student populations. We offer the knowledge and tools needed for ordinary people to pursue extraordinary outcomes by responding to student- performance challenges with root-cause interventions that typically cannot be addressed in the traditional academic setting. CEED partners with purpose-driven goal-oriented people determined to be the problem-solvers, fixers, and the strategists for change.